Cannabis can be extremely effective in treating many types of pain and discomfort. (Looking for help tailored specifically to you? Book some time with one of our experts to get personalized support. It’s free).

Discovering the benefits of cannabis at every age

The Benefits of Cannabis at Every Age

There’s a cannabis product for everyone, at every age and stage of life. Whether you’re in...
A marijuana-infused topical being rubbed into a person's need

New to Cannabis? Start With Marijuana-Infused Topicals

Marijuana-infused topicals are a nice introduction to cannabis for those who are less well-versed in...
Cannabis may be able to ease symptoms of vaginal infections

Cannabis May Ease Vaginal Infections & Their Symptoms

Marijuana may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you’re navigating the discomfort of...
Toilet bowl with cactus to represent hemorrhoids

Using Cannabis to Relieve Hemorrhoid Pain

Hemorrhoids affect nearly three-quarters of the population in the US, but no one wants to talk about...
Blister packs of over-the-counter medications

How Does Cannabis Affect Over-the-Counter Medications?

Cannabis can be an effective treatment for many health conditions, or simply a way to relax after a long...
Hand with tincture dropper

The Top 5 Medical Marijuana Products for Chronic Pain in Louisiana

If you’re looking for medical marijuana products for chronic pain in Louisiana, we’ve got you covered....
Woman grimacing with hand on forehead

The Top 5 Medical Marijuana Products for Migraines in Illinois

Migraines affect millions of people around the world, manifesting in many different ways. Cannabis may...

The Top 5 Best Cannabis Products for Migraines in Pennsylvania

If you’re prone to migraines, this is the roundup for you. Read on for the science behind migraine...
Breast Cancer Survivors

How CBD Can Help Breast Cancer Survivors

A growing body of research is revealing that cannabidiol (CBD), a non-psychoactive cannabis compound,...

CTE, Concussions & CBD: How Can Cannabis Help

Research shows athletes like football and hockey players are prone to a dangerous condition called chronic...

Can Cannabis Ease Cancer-Related Symptoms?

In nearly 40 states, people are turning to cannabis for the relief of cancer-related symptoms, including...

Why Does Smoking Cannabis Cause Red, Bloodshot Eyes?

Bloodshot eyes have always been a telltale sign that you’ve been smoking weed. But contrary to popular...
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