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White mugs of cannabis-infused spicy turmeric hot cocoa

Cannabis-Infused Spicy Turmeric Hot Cocoa

Turmeric is known for being a healing powerhouse, due in large part to its production of the compound curcumin. Read on for more about this …


5 Easy Happiness Hacks (Including Weed!)

While we know that happiness is a tricky beast for many people, there are ways to get a mood boost for short-term relief. If you’re …

ArticlesExplore all Cannabis Strains, Indica, Sativa and Hybrid

5 Energy-Boosting Strains to Get You Outside and Active

With the right types of terpenes and cannabinoids, these energy-boosting strains will make you want to pack a day bag and head outside in to …

Couple holding hands in bed, to illustrate if THC or CBD is better for sex

Is THC or CBD Better for Sex?

It’s no secret that cannabis can change a sexual experience for many people. But the question is, is THC or CBD better for sex? Read …

Marijuana plant, for growing marijuana at home
ArticlesCannabis 101

A Beginner’s Guide to Growing Marijuana at Home

Considering homegrown cannabis? Before you head to the store for supplies, it’s worth some research to learn more. Read on for our beginner’s guide to …

Person looking at the camera with cigarette, to illustrate how cannabis may be able to help you quit smoking

Cannabis May Be Able to Help You Quit Smoking

The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention says that it can take between eight and 11 attempts for someone to permanently quit smoking. It’s a …

Black woman holds hand to head, to illustrate how cannabis may be able to help manage depression

How Cannabis May Be Able to Help Manage Depression

According to the World Health Organization, roughly 350 million people suffer from depression worldwide, with 16 million of those individuals in the U.S. alone. In …

A couple with their border collie, to illustrate holistic home remedies for pets

6 Holistic Home Remedies for Your Pet

Pet owners know the deal. We’ll go to any lengths to make sure our furry family members are happy and healthy (and it’s only fair …

Women with urticaria on her neck
Question and AnswerSkin Conditions

How Cannabis Can Help with Urticaria

For those who experience frequent bouts of hives (clinically known as urticaria), the discomfort can be next level. Read on to learn more about how …

Cannabis may be able to ease symptoms of vaginal infections
ArticlesHealth Conditions

Cannabis May Ease Vaginal Infections & Their Symptoms

Marijuana may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you’re navigating the discomfort of an issue down south. But don’t don’t discount …

Pictures in a box, relating to how CBD can help with memory deficit disorders

How CBD Can Help With Memory Deficit Disorders

Cannabis is widely integrated into the treatment of a range of physical and emotional challenges. Research seeks to determine how CBD can help with memory …


Hemp-Derived CBD Blueberry Breakfast Smoothie

Hemp-derived CBD can be a helpful supplement for staying on top of inflammation and handling anxiety and depression. Read on for how to make this …


Finding Success with Cannabis to Help Reduce Anxiety

Feeling anxious? You aren’t alone. Many people find varying degrees of relief with cannabis. We’ll tell you how cannabis works on the fear response and …

People working, to illustrate marijuana strains that can help to foster creativity and productivity

5 Top Marijuana Strains That Foster Focus and Productivity

If you’re curious about how cannabis can help with with your work or creative life, look no further. We’ve rounded up five marijuana strains that …

The Bright Side logo

The Bright Side, Vol. 4: The Scientific Reason You’re Easily Distracted

Welcome to The Bright Side, Vol. 4! The Bright Side is our bi-weekly newsletter designed to give you a hit of happy in your inbox …

Middle-aged woman taking supplements to boost mental health

5 Natural Supplements to Boost Your Mental Health

Those who experience mental health challenges are often on the lookout for ways to bolster their emotional wellbeing. If this sounds like you or someone …

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ArticlesPopular Culture

The Bright Side, Vol. 3: Why Wordle Is Good for Your Brain

Welcome to The Bright Side, Vol. 3! The Bright Side is our bi-weekly newsletter designed to give you a hit of happy in your inbox …


7 Cannabis Products for A Relaxing Night In

Feeling stressed? A chill evening might be what you’re craving. We’ve rounded up seven cannabis products for a relaxing night in. Life is hectic and …

Friends gathered around a BBQ, to illustrate cannabis strains to enjoy a more social summer
ArticlesCulture & Lifestyle

4 Cannabis Strains to Help You Enjoy A More Social Summer

If you’re even a little socially anxious, parties and gatherings can feel intimidating. Read on for four cannabis strains to help you enjoy a more …

Alzheimer's DiseaseArticles

Cannabis May Be Able to Defend Against Dementia Symptoms

Dementia is often called “the long goodbye” as people watch their loved ones ebb away slowly. Cannabis may be able to defend against dementia symptoms. …

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