Wondering how cannabis can factor into your sex life? You’re in the right place. From sexual health concerns to products to try in the bedroom, we’ve got you covered.


Top 5 Cannabis Strains to Increase Your Sex Drive

For centuries and around the world, cannabis has been considered an aphrodisiac that can increase your...

Study Shows Cannabis Can Improve Orgasms for Women

In search of the Big O? A 2019 study published in the journal Sexual Medicine shows that in addition...
Improve Sex Drive

4 Ways to Increase Your Sex Drive

Let’s get straight to the point: Sometimes sex is the absolute last thing on your mind. There’s no shame...

Which is better for intimacy, THC or CBD?

"I often use both THC and CBD in my daily life and have used both in the bedroom but I’m curious...

How can I use cannabis during sex?

”I want to start using cannabis in the bedroom but I don’t have any prior knowledge on this, any suggestions?” Bella...

Women, Weed, and Sex

Today, people talk openly about sex, sexual orientation is widely discussed, and at least with younger...

Men, Weed and Sex

While sexual openness has been building over the 21st century, it’s still an ongoing discussion...

Cannabis and Male Sexual Performance

Most people wouldn’t assume that cannabis is the secret to helping men become Don Juan in the bedroom,...

The 5 Best Cannabis Products for Better Sex in California

Thinking about bringing cannabis into the bedroom? Many people report that bedroom weed improves arousal,...

THC or CBD for better sex?

"I just started consuming cannabis last January. I’ve heard CBD can be great for sex. Should...

How to Make Weed Sex Lube

Let’s make a weed sex lube! Sounds exciting – but, does it really work? We know that cannabis can...

How Cannabis May Help Alleviate Erectile Dysfunction

If you suffer from erectile dysfunction (ED), you’re far from alone. About 18 million American men over...
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