5 Ways to Use Cannabis for Summer Skincare

DiDi Davis is Founder of Sweet ReLeaf, a topical cannabis manufacturer located in California. Sweet ReLeaf has created one of the most effective and enjoyable topicals on the market today which is creamy and smells wonderful. As Didi says "We believe in the healing power of plants, specifically how the human endocannabinoid system communicates with the compounds found in Cannabis. We like to call it ‘Intelligent Medicine.’" In her latest post, Didi talks about end-of-summer skincare with cannabis topicals.

End of Summer Approaches…

With the end of summer well over a month away, it’s a good time to think about skincare. As the temperatures rise and days stretch out, we face a new list of concerns specifically associated with the hottest season of the year. Here’s our quick guide for navigating the summer heat and using cannabis topicals as your weapon of choice.


Whether you are determined to get a few shades darker this season or simply enjoy midday hikes – you’re bound to get a little scorched under the blazing sun. It’s important to use an after-sun product like aloe vera gel to neutralize the heating effects of the sun’s rays. If you’ve had a bit too much sun, using a cannabis topical can help your skin recover quickly, so you can get back to enjoying the sunshine. Try this SweetHack: apply a little Sweet ReLeaf right out of the shower to maximize penetration.

Acne Spots

Sweating the heat? Perspiration often prompts an increase in blemishes. Whatever your go-to acne treatment is, its important to not only deal with the clogged pore but also the inflammation and infection it causes. Dab a little Sweet ReLeaf on before bed to help the swelling go down. THC has incredible anti-bacterial properties and can help bring down the intensity of a blemish so it’s not so obvious.


Eczema affects over 30 million Americans. During the summer time, this condition can be especially pesky as skin becomes increasingly itchy and inflamed from sun exposure. Use a THC-infused topical and apply directly to problem areas. Some users of this method have even reported a complete reversal in persistent eczema breakouts.

Razor Burn

You’re probably shaving a little more often this season. According to WebMD, most methods of hair removal will irritate the skin and cause hair bumps, rashes, and skin that is extra sensitive to light and heat. To help irritation disappear and skin recover faster, apply a cannabis topical to the area. Be sure to wait at least 4 or 5 days after hair removal before applying a cannabis topical to ensure the area has sufficiently healed first.

Bug Bites

Sun seekers aren’t the only ones coming out in larger numbers during the summer. There’s also an increase in mosquitoes and other blood-thirsty insects ready to nibble up our bare shoulders and legs. If you want to try an alternative to the typical anti-itch cream, use a topical cannabis product high in THC. THC is a proven antihistamine that can decrease allergic reactions, stop the itch and soothe inflamed skin all in one go.

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