Firefly 2 – Unboxing and Review

One of the great things about being in the cannabis industry, is getting to try out some of the coolest gadgets and products in this fast moving space. Coolest of the lot, has got to be the newly released Firefly 2 from our friends at Firefly vapor.

If you are not familiar with this vaporizer, it follows the success of the Firefly 1, but it’s now been completely updated and refined. For the past several months, demand has been sky high and all Firefly 2’s have been on back order. But I finally got my hands on one this weekend, and this is the unboxing.

First Impressions

The Firefly 2 arrived in a sleek white box, very reminiscent of an Apple product, which hints at the founder’s background with Apple Computer. When I see packaging like this, it indicates to me that the designers are detail oriented, and technically driven. First impressions count.

The little white box it arrived with, contains an alternative color lid (in this case blue) which the sender was thoughtful enough to include. Owning a Firefly 2 is as much about style as it is function, or put differently, why not look stylish when vaping with friends or at social events?

Removal of the outer lid indicates the continued attention to minor detail, that make a good impression on the recipient. Notice the ‘Enjoy your Flight’ humor on the box.

Once the cover is removed, the box includes a magnetic snap on the outer lid, for easy storage in the box.

One of the first impressions of the Firefly 2 is that it is noticeably lighter than its predecessor (which felt a little like a heavy cell phone). The Firefly 2 is so light in fact, that one wonders what its made out of. It feels like some type of metal alloy, or space material. In reality, I am sure that changes with the battery have more to do with it.

Removing the lid can be easily done with one hand. A sleek shiny (easy to clean) surface is revealed. This is path the vapor takes as it cools between the conduction chamber and your mouth.

Also included in the box:

A charging dock which the Firefly 2 sits neatly in for easy charging.
An extra battery.
USB cable for connection to your computer.
A cleaning kit.
Concentrate pads (the Firefly 2 is able to manage both concentrates and flower).

The Review

One of the cool things about the Firefly 2 is that it connects to your phone using Bluetooth, and comes with a free App for IOS. I downloaded and installed this in a couple of minutes.

After connecting to the Firefly 2, it immediately sensed that the firmware was out of date and began updating it wirelessly. The benefit here is that the software on your unit will be kept up to date with new releases without you having to service the Firefly 2. Pretty nifty.

The App also included some simple instructions on use of the Firefly 2, and how to set the options according to my preferences. You can choose between heat profiles, activation settings, concentrate vs flower and other device info. My overall impressions of the App are that its very simple to use, and not overly complicated by unnecessary features (which is great).

Once satisfied with your settings, it’s time to give this puppy a whirl. The Firefly 2 is activated by two touch sensor on either side.

This is an improvement over the previous model. Once its packed and ready to go, just holding it gently with your fingers on the touch pads activates the convection mechanism.


The correct packing technique is important. You want the leaf to be well cut into small pieces so that the hot air flows easily and evenly over the particles. You can get a grinder from your local dispensary for this. The chamber looks quite large, but upon packing it surprised me how little it took to fill the chamber evenly. I tried it with my favorite strain – Durban Poison – from my home town in South Africa.

The first thing you notice when you draw on the Firefly 2, is the difference in flavor between vaporizing like this and either smoking or using a vape pen. With the Firefly 2, you get an immediate sense for the different terpenes, and how they affect the specific strain. In the case of this Durban Poison, it’s a very pleasant citrusy flavor. Although I have spoked this stain many times, I have never before tasted those flavors. This makes sense, because the convection heated air has been tuned by the Firefly 2 to be at the precise temperature to activate and release the cannabinoids, but not so hot as to burn the plant matter.

For similar reasons, there has been a lot of discussion about the relative health benefits of vaping over smoking.

The other thing you notice is that there really is no smell left in the room after you exhale. In fact, I would say that you could use the Firefly 2 to consume indoors without anyone being the wiser based on any odor it may cause. This could be a good make it a good choice for people that live in apartments, of if you have children at home you may want be discrete around. Despite the relative lack of vapor, the strength of the cannabis is no less than other methods of inhalation.

One thing to be aware of is that you do need to give the FireFly 2 a good inhale to get it to work properly. When I first tried it out, I wondered if I was doing it right before realizing this. I would probably not recommend it to someone that was short of breath due to – for example – medical reasons. As long as you are able and willing to give it a good puff, you should be fine with the Firefly 2.

Final Thoughts

The Firefly 2 is not the cheapest vaporizer on the market, particularly with the low cost of disposable vapes, and pens, so it’s not for everyone. However, if you are a dedicated enthusiast, are concerned about the health impact of regular consumption of smoke or concentrate, or if you simply want the best portable available and are willing to pay the small premium, then I believe you should take a serious look at the Firefly 2. There really are few options that could match it in terms of style, flavor, function and portability. It’s no wonder that it’s been called the ‘Best Portable’.

The changes to the newer model make it significantly better than its predecessor, and if you have the Firefly 1, I would recommend you consider an upgrade.

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