HelloMD Live – Edition 2

In this week’s HelloMD Live segment, Chief Medical Officer Dr. Perry Solomon and Co Founder Pamela Hadfield discuss the latest in cannabis news, culture and curiosities. From Walgreen’s surprise blog post on cannabis to Woody Harrelson’s fail to get a Hawaiian dispensary license, we deliver the freshest stories about the most intriguing industry on earth; the cannabis industry.

To watch the video:

In this week’s edition:

Happy & Healthy: Walgreens publishes “Clarifying Clinical Cannabis” discussion on its blog. A resident pharmacist for the company discussed the side effects, legality and medical properties of medical marijuana.

Turning Tide: Increasing numbers of Americans age 55 and up are using marijuana. Not interested in getting high, they are using it to help manage a variety of conditions.

No Weed for Woody: Hawaii is moving ahead with plans to allow dispensaries on the island-without Woody.

My First Grow Kit: Hemp grow kit for kids hits the market.

Pot Working: Thousands turn up for world’s largest marijuana job fair in San Francisco.

What Were They Smoking? Christian evangelist uses Scientology article to spread the word about the evils of marijuana.


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