HelloMD Live – May 4th 2016

This week we launched ‘HelloMD Live’, our cannabis news show that covers the week’s cannabis new, culture and various curiosities. Pamela Hadfield, HelloMD’s Co Founder and Dr. Perry Solomon, our Chief Medical Officer anchor the show, delivering the news on a weekly basis.

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This week includes:

The Kosher Kush: Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky declared to the Ashkenazi Jews that marijuana is kosher during Passover. This has been forbidden in the past as marijuana has been considered part of the forbidden grains known as Kitniyot. This is significant as the Rabbi physically blessed the marijuana calling it ‘medicinal’.

The Medicating Bard: Shakespeare death happened 400 years ago. It has been recently discovered that he smoked both marijuana as well as cocaine. Was this the source of his inspiration and creativity?

Yummy Gummy: A bill received initial approval from the Colorado House of Representatives that would ban marijuana edibles in the shape of fruits, animals and people. We know that edibles can pose a safety hazard, but we question the efficacy of this particular bill.

DEA Clinical Trials: It is official; the DEA has approved the first clinical trial that will test how marijuana may benefit our US veterans suffering from PTSD. Dr. Sue Sicily, our cannabis hero of the week, if not the year, will finally have her day and can move forward with this double-blind, placebo-controlled trial. This is big news!

Weedicure: A new fashion trend seems to be emerging, it’s the weedicure. A nail salon in Silicon Valley started to crush marijuana and apply it to women’s nail tips. The trend seems to be spreading as more women ask for the application. Is it a fashion, passion or political statement?

What were they Smoking?: This past week a Florida man was shot in a drive by shooting after attempting to sell lawn clippings in a mason jar for $120. Faux- cannabis, guns and Florida, it’s not a great combination.


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