How to Clean a Pipe

Smoking a pipe is one of the simplest ways to consume marijuana. Whether you use a basic pipe or a dragon bong, it’s essential to keep your glass pieces clean. A clean pipe equals a clean high that tastes better too.

Supplies to Clean Your Pipe

Here’s what you’ll need to clean a pipe:

  • 99% Isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol)
  • Course ground salt
  • Sealable ziplock bag
  • Paper clip
  • Cotton swab

You can make substitutions for some of these. Nail polish remover works like a heavy-duty cleaner in place of isopropyl alcohol. And if you can’t find coarse ground salt, try bath salts or uncooked rice instead. Some people combine vinegar and baking soda to generate a bubbling reaction that can work well. The most preferred method is described below.

Steps for Cleaning Your Pipe

Follow these steps to clean your pipe or bong at home.

  • 1.) Remove any remaining ash or plant matter from the bowl.
  • 2.) Place the pipe in a plastic bag and add isopropyl alcohol until the pipe is submerged. If cleaning a bong, remove the stem and bowl pieces and place them in separate bags. Add alcohol directly to the bong as well.
  • 3.) Add a teaspoon of coarse salt. Try to pour salt directly into the holes of the pipe. If cleaning a bong, add salt to the bong.
  • 4.) Seal the bag and shake. You want to shake it pretty hard for a few minutes. Sometimes it helps to place the bag under hot water to melt and loosen the resin. Be careful not to drop the pipe or bong while handling. Many pieces get broken while being cleaned, so proceed with care.
  • 5.) Scrape out any resin stuck in the corners or sides using the lengthened paper clip and the cotton swab.
  • 6.) Shake in alcohol a little more.
  • 7.) Remove from bag and rinse thoroughly with water.
  • 8.) Make sure your piece is completely rinsed of all alcohol or solvent before using it again.

The cleaning process is much easier when you don’t let too much resin build up in your pipe. Depending on how often you use your glass piece, you may want to clean it once a week or even more often. If your pipe gets really dirty, you can repeat the process above a few times until it’s clean. It may help to let the pipe soak in alcohol for a few hours or try nail polish remover for a tougher solvent.

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