Labor Day: The Perfect Cannabis Holiday

Whether we’re ready or not, the time is upon us to start shaking that uptempo summer vibe off as the cool breezes of fall swiftly approach. Labor Day weekend kicks off on Friday, September 1st and lasts through Monday, September 4th. It’s the perfect time to get some sand between your toes at the beach, soak in the sun out at the beach, get your fill at a backyard barbeque and of course, enjoy some fine cannabis.


Labor Day is Actually Cannabis Day

While most people would guess that the biggest day of the year for cannabis is 4/20, it’s actually during Labor Day weekend that states like Colorado, Washington and Oregon experience their most impressive sales. Last year in Colorado, cannabis sales for the holiday weekend incredibly high, making it busiest weekend of the year. According to BDS Analytics, a leader in cannabis market research, the state made $17.3 million in sales (in just three days!), making September Colorado’s best-selling month of 2016.

Regardless of what state you’re in, luckily, there’s still time for one last official summer soiree before the temperature drops and you engage in the post-summer grind. Here are some ways you can help get yourself back on track to keep you focused and eliminate stress before summer quickly fades away.


Finding Your Cannabis Stride

Figuring out what works best with your lifestyle, activity level and schedule will make the difference between a pleasant week or a tense time full of anxiety. Are you a morning person or a night owl? Do you prefer to smoke while the sun is out or wait until later in the evening to wind down after a full day? Get to know the difference between sativa, hybrid and indica strains and what each can offer. Understanding whether you prefer high THC or high CBD products or perhaps you like a balanced ratio. Terpenes in cannabis flower also affect your overall experience you receive. Learning more about marijuana and how it effects you will help you make an informed choice about when and what to explore to effectively medicating.

Andrea Brooks of Sava explains the role of terpenes:

Enjoying Yourself

There’s nothing worse than going back to your daily norm without a little bit of a celebration. Make sure you are intentional about getting in some end-of-summer fun before it’s too late and you’re left wishing you had went to that potluck picnic after all. Try out that edible you’ve been eyeing at the dispensary, make it to that secret sesh in your city so you can meet some likeminded people or switch up your go-to strain for something new. The sky is the limit!

Explore Garden Society’s low dose, high end gourmet chocolates and fruit gelees:

Refine Your Routine

Just like it’s important to budget your finances, budgeting your time gives you the opportunity to prioritize what’s important to you and cut down on time-wasting activities that leave you wondering where your weekend went. No one is saying it’s not okay to stream your favorite series during a marathon binge-watching session (again) but maybe try watching just a few episodes instead of the whole season at once.

Check out a clip from High Maintenance:

Skip Being Busy Just Because

Don’t overload yourself or your schedule with empty social gatherings and events you feel obligated to attend or you will waste your precious weekend in places you’d rather not be. Be deliberate in only adding things onto your calendar if they will contribute to boosting your mood or helping you decompress from a busy week. If it’s going to add stress or unneeded anxiety by worrying about parking or any other small detail, just skip it!

Learn how to sit mindfully with this sweet meditation tutorial:

Make Self Care a Top Priority

Taking care of yourself means more than just paying your bills, getting to work on time and making sure you get enough fruits, vegetables, water, fresh air and exercise — and that’s quite a job in itself. Find ways to escape the mundane routines of life by actively incorporating stress relieving activities such as spending times with good friends, taking a sea salt bath or going for a sunrise hike. The key is to a healthy body and mind is to make sure you aren’t stressing yourself out by trying to find some time to unwind. Remember that maintaining emotional health is just as important as your physical health. We all brush our teeth, but maintaining emotional hygiene is just as important!

Enjoy this captivating TED talk on how to practice emotional hygiene:

If you are new to cannabis and want to learn more, take a look at our Cannabis 101 post. HelloMD can help you get your medical marijuana recommendation; it’s 100% online, private and efficient.


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