The Best Weed Strains for 4/20 Holiday 2022

There is an abundance of different cannabis strains to explore, and with the high holiday just around the corner, it’s time to think about what strains are perfect for your 4/20!

The industry leader on cannabis reports, Headset, released their insights for 4/20 weekend sales in 2019. On April 20th, 2019, cannabis sales were 50% higher than on an average Saturday. In addition, Headset saw sales rise by 128% in 2019, with a significant increase happening the day before 4/20 in 2019.

So, how did 4/20 become the famous green holiday – read on to find out!

The History of 4/20

Many medical cannabis consumers may not know the origin of how 4/20. There are several trains of thought as to how this number became synonymous with weed. One popular myth is that 4/20 was born out of Bob Dylan’s legendary refrain: ‘everybody must get stoned’ from the song “Rainy Day Women No. 12 & 35” (since 12 multiplied by 35 equals 420).

The other school of thoughts, which is most likely, is that 4/20 is traced back to five California teens who used to meet up and spend time together by a wall outside San Rafael High School in San Rafael, CA. Their local hangout inspired their group nickname of “the Waldos”.

In the fall of 1971, the teens heard about a Coast Guard member with a cannabis plant he could no longer tend to. These teens discovered a treasure map that supposedly led them to the abandoned cannabis plant — some speculate that the map was given to the teenagers by the original plant owner himself.

The Waldos would meet at the Louis Pasteur statue outside their high school a least once a week to search for the abandoned plant. Their meeting time was 4:20 pm. The group would pile into a car, smoke some marijuana, and go on an adventure to find the free weed.

Word spread about the teens adventures and 4/20 became the eponym for marijuana as well as the famous weed holiday we celebrate every April 20th.

Top 10 Strains for 4/20

Here we list our top ten cannabis strains for 4/20, which include award-winners and all-time popular favorites.

1. Green Crack

Green Crack is a potent Sativa cannabis strain beloved by many for its energizing effects. It is a descendant of Skunk #1 combined with an unknown Indica. This weed strain is a popular choice for those seeking energy for daily tasks and to keep motivated.

2. Harlequin

This cannabis strain is well known for its effects relieving pain, stress, anxiety, and depression. It is a 75% Sativa-dominant hybrid cannabis strain. Harlequin is high in CBD with a ratio of 5:2. Though it is Sativa-dominant, it is also known for its calming effects to help people fall asleep soundly.

3. Purple Urkle

A classic Indica, this weed strain has been around the California scene since the 1980s. PU is perfect if you need to come down after a long day or recover from an intense workout. Purple Urkle’s main body high effect makes it a great candidate for treating pain. In addition, this strain is said to be good for nausea and can also help to boost appetite.

4. Maui Wowie

Since the 1960s, Maui Wowie has been around with a reputation as an upbeat, mood-elevating Sativa. It’s perfect for creative outlets and adventurous pursuits. This weed strain boasts a high THC content, and the flower can come in at around 20% THC. So if you’re looking for the perfect strain for an active day, Maui Wowie is great for staying energized and creative.

5. Death Star

Someone looking for the best of both worlds from Indica and Sativa strains can get precisely that with Death Star. Those new to cannabis or those with low tolerances may get dreamy and sleepy, while more experienced users with a higher tolerance can harness the strain’s euphoric effects. Medical marijuana patients often enjoy this strain for its mellow nature and heavy body buzz.

6. Hindu Kush

Hindu Kush is an Indica strain from the mountain range with the same name. Hindu Kush is an excellent match for medical marijuana patients looking to relax and feel relief from pain with its powerful sedative effects. The effects of this classic Indica start deeply relaxing and then move into a mood of euphoria.

7. MK Ultra

This weed strain is named after a CIA mind-control program that sought to manipulate people’s mental states. So, it’s no surprise that it is one of the most potent Indicas in existence. MK Ultra has heavy-hitting physical effects perfect for patients who have insomnia, pain, or muscle spasms. The soothing nature may also help those suffering from PTSD, anxiety, stress, and other mood-related issues.

8. Blue Dream

For many cannabis lovers, Blue Dream is the perfect hybrid strain. Consumers can expect a balanced, long-lasting high from this beloved strain, which remains a number one seller in Colorado and Oregon. Consumers report feelings of euphoria along with a pleasant body buzz with Blue Dream. It’s easy to see why this beautiful and potent flower is a crowd-pleaser.

9. Headband

Headband is a hybrid blend — it will leave you feeling happy, relaxed, and maybe a bit spacey. This cannabis strain is best consumed during a lazy afternoon and is perfect for low-energy activities. This weed strain carries a THC rate from 17-27%. This weed stain was given its name because consumers report being able to feel almost like a cozy headband coming across their forehead when smoking it.

10. Northern Lights

This Indica strain has calming yet uplifting effects. Northern Lights hits fast and swiftly with a full-body impact that can leave you deep in the couch, then a cerebral euphoria allowing consumers to de-stress. This strain is a nighttime classic– an excellent match for those looking to hang out and watch some TV after a long day.

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