The Top 5 Best Marijuana Products for Migraines in Pennsylvania

Nearly three-quarters of adults aged 18–65 years have experienced a headache in the last year and, among those individuals, more than 30% have reported migraine. But in order to find the right treatment, you must first understand that migraines are different for everyone, with symptoms ranging from mild to severe.

Some risk factors associated with migraines include:

  • Gender — Women have migraines three times more often than men.
  • Age — Usually, people start experiencing migraines between ages 10 and 40.
  • Genetics — Four out of five people with migraines have other family members who get them.
  • Other medical conditions — Depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and sleep disorders increase risk of migraine.

While migraine is a common condition, it’s causes are still not well understood, meaning there are other risk factors that may be unknown.


What are Migraines

A migraine is a common neurological disease that causes a variety of symptoms. The most notable of symptoms is a throbbing, pulsing headache. Migraines are different for everyone. In many people, they happen in stages.


A common stage that happens hours or days before a migraine is a prodrome. Symptoms include light sensitivity, fatigue, mood changes, severe thirst, and bloating. About 60% of migraine sufferers experience this.


The Aura stage of a migraine usually starts gradually and lasts for under an hour. These symptoms mostly affect vision and include things like tunnel vision, seeing black dots, ringing in the ears, and tingling in the body.

Migraine Attack

The dreaded migraine attack typically lasts around 4 hours and is often accompanied by nausea and vomiting. Symptoms can be exacerbated by physical activity and the pain can move from one side of the head to the other — or be felt across the entire head.


Following the migraine attack, a postdrome stage can last around a day. The symptoms usually include a feeling of exhaustion, crankiness, and muscle pain or weakness.


How Marijuana Helps with Migraines

Experiencing migraines comes with a long list of painful symptoms. But marijuana has been found to alleviate these ailments.

Research has been found that cannabis can reduce the frequency and severity of migraine attacks. In the study, researchers explained that “Mechanistically, endocannabinoids have been shown to have an inhibitory effect on serotonin receptors in vivo, which is shown to modulate pain and emetic responses.”

Both CBD and THC have pain-relieving properties. As this is the most prevalent symptom associated with migraines, it’s a great option for quick relief. Marijuana also helps with nausea which often goes hand-in-hand with migraine headaches.

Any form of cannabis can play a part in reducing or eliminating migraines. While some consumers consider inhalants like vapes or flower to be faster acting, others prefer edibles because they have been found to last much longer. Either way, it’s a viable alternative to many painkillers and over-the-counter medications that often leave you sicker than you started out.

Cannabis Products for Migraines in Pennsylvania

When looking for a great cannabis product for migraines, be sure to consult with a practitioner for additional insight before coming to any decisions. At the very least, you can talk with a budtender at the dispensary you’re shopping at as they have a wide variety of knowledge and can help you pick out the perfect marijuana product.


Terrapin iRest Capsules

1:1 iRest Capsules contain equal parts THC and CBD in a fast-acting capsule. That means you’ll feel nearly immediate, long-lasting relief from migraine pain or nausea. Pick them up for $40.


Doctor Solomon’s Restore

Doctor Solomon’s Restore Tincture is the epitome of quick relief. Tinctures are great for medical purposes because they provide CBD and THC in a liquid form, meaning it’s going to enter your system very quickly. Pick this tincture up for $55.


Double Bear Lemon G

The Double Bear Lemon G vape cartridge contains high levels of CBD and THC in a balanced, smooth release. You can find immediate relief with a few puffs and consume more as you need for migraines. Purchase for $75.


Double Bear Lemon G RSO

Double Bear’s Lemon G Rick Simpson Oil provides medical-grade weed in a concentrated form. This product is great for migraine pain reduction as it contains plenty of CBD and THC. You can buy this RSO for $48.


FarmaceuticalRx Painkiller XL

FarmaceuticalRx Painkiller XL flower contains high levels of CBD for a flower. This means you can consume your cannabis the old-fashioned way and still find migraine relief. Purchase the flower for $40 per eighth.

Cannabis isn’t just a recreational substance, it’s a genuine medicine. There is evidence that it can help you with migraines. If you’ve tried other home remedies and they haven’t worked for migraines, try out cannabis — you’ll be surprised at the results.

It’s easy to get your medical document with the online telehealth service HelloMD. Register, pay, and receive an online medical consultation with a licensed practitioner and start purchasing medical cannabis today.

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