Recipe: Vegetable Glycerine Tincture

Are you struggling for an effective way to add medical marijuana to a
daily regimen? Although cannabis can be a great way of treating chronic conditions and their life-interrupting symptoms, not all patients want to use a traditional consumption method like smoking or vaping. Fortunately, there’s more than one way to consume cannabis. One way, in particular, is creating a cannabis-infused vegetable glycerine tincture.

What Is Vegetable Glycerine?

Although the term may sound unfamiliar, this particular ingredient is found in many common foods – and it can be a great way to sneak cannabis into a diet. Vegetable glycerine is a byproduct of compounds made in manufacturing, and the processed vegetables are usually genetically modified. That means that before making a vegetable glycerine tincture with cannabis, you should choose a good and trustworthy source of high-quality vegetable glycerine.

Using Vegetable Glycerine in Everyday Life

It tends to have a very mild taste, meaning that it can
be added to nearly any food or beverage, or even consumed directly. When a batch of cannabis-infused vegetable glycerine is made, it should be stored in a glass container (since metal containers can leach) and can be used for up to a year.


Before mixing cannabis into vegetable glycerine, you should decide
whether or not you want to decarboxylate the cannabis buds.
Decarboxylation uses heat to modify the THCA in cannabis to the
psychoactive THC. Patients will need to weigh whether or not this would be beneficial to their own care.

Combine a half ounce of cannabis buds with 2 cups of high-quality
vegetable glycerine in a glass container that you can seal shut, such as
a Mason jar. Shake the container to thoroughly mix the cannabis and
glycerine. Then, line a slow cooker with a towel and fill halfway with
water. Place the jar in the cooker and very slowly heat the mixture for
about 24 hours. Gently shake several times during the process, using
heating pads to protect your hands from hot jars. The longer the
tincture brews, the stronger it will be.

After consistent warming, remove the jar carefully, shake well, take off
the lid and allow it to cool. Once cool, strain the cannabis-infused
vegetable glycerine tincture, using a metal strainer or cheesecloth. The
strained buds can be used to make cannabis tea or to infuse other tinctures, beverages or foods. Store the remaining glycerine in a glass jar or a dropper bottle. Add this tincture as desired to coffee, tea, soup or nearly any other type of food or beverage. Be careful, however, to add after cooking so that the concentration is not further altered by heat.

Making Tinctures Faster

You can save some time by using a Magical Butter
. This machine comes with a specific
tincture setting that can reduce the total time required from 24 hours
down to just 4 hours. Like the slow cooker method, timing can be
adjusted to increase or decrease the strength of the cannabis
concentration in the vegetable glycerine. For a stronger tincture, run
for several of the 4-hour settings. If you’re just starting out, run for
less time to start with a weaker tincture.


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