Virtual Reality & Cannabis: A Match Made in Heaven

VR & Cannabis Sounds Like Fun…

Dan Braunstein is at it again, creating another innovative cannabis consumption experience. Braustein, the founder of Grassfed, a fine dining and private occasion company that incorporates cannabis into intimate gatherings, has recently hosted a second virtual reality event in LA.

The event took place in an undisclosed location in Los Angeles and provided people with gourmet eats, high quality edible samples, a variety of strains to vaporize, and virtual reality gaming with 150 different scenarios for gamers to choose from, ranging from roller coasters to killing zombies.


Taking it to a New Level

Cannabis and video games have long been connected in pop culture. The typical stoner persona that was created within pop culture often has portrayed a group of teenage boys eating snacks, smoking marijuana, and playing video games in their parents’ basement. Though we know these single-story narratives of cannabis consumers are a negative stereotype that perpetuate stigma, it is true cannabis and video games can be used as an outlet to promote stress relief and relaxation.


Braunstein’s recent event, however, took cannabis consumption and video game playing to a whole new level. Virtual Reality, or VR, has become increasingly more popular in recent years as more companies have made it accessible to the general public. The virtual reality industry itself is expected to be worth $34 billion dollars by 2022 and much of the industry is expected to be centered in Los Angeles, where Braunstein’s business is located.

Immersive experiences and cannabis seem to go together.

VR & Cannabis are a Natural Fit

Virtual reality is not totally new to cannabis, and even the National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA) uses virtual reality to understand the effects of driving while under the influence of THC. Cannabis and virtual reality gaming events, however, are a new innovation and show the increasing desire for cannabis social gatherings across the country. Braunstein provides a variety of social events to groups that include cannabis, food, music, and other aspects that promote the enjoyment of people through the combination of various mediums.

Braunstein’s events are currently all hosted with private groups of people who have medical marijuana cards in California, but that is soon to change with the implementation of recreational cannabis legalization in California in 2018. It is likely that Braunstein’s novel parties are just the first of a starting trend of high-end, private cannabis events that appeal to the growing number of people who desire to consume cannabis in interesting, stimulating environments.

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