Yale Study on Headaches Says Cannabis May Be a Game-Changer

Yale study says cannabis may be better for migraines than traditional medications

For migraine sufferers, finding pain relief can be a moving target. What works for one person (or even one headache) may not work for someone else. But a new study out of the Yale University School of Medicine says that cannabis may be a more effective solution than traditional therapies.

We’ve known for ages that cannabis can be a godsend for headache sufferers, but new research out this year provides even more evidence to support this claim.

Most recently, researchers at Yale University’s School of Medicine polled 1,373 patients at an advanced migraine clinic on their cannabis use.

According to the results released in March, the majority of the cannabis users surveyed said that using cannabis improved their symptoms, or even reduced the frequency of their headaches (specifically migraines for this group). Plus, 63 percent of these respondents said that their cannabis consumption helped them to decrease or even eliminate their prescriptions for headache meds.

Given that migraine prescriptions often come with their own unpleasant side effects—including limb heaviness, fatigue, tightness in the jaw, chest and throat, and muscle aches and pains—this is a major bonus for those in search of relief.

Cannabis for Headache Symptom Management

Cannabis is known to help with many headache symptoms, including the following:

· Light sensitivity

· Sound sensitivity

· Pain associated with movement

· Nausea and vomiting

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

As with all things cannabis, it’s important to remember that everyone is different, and what works for one person may not be the solution for another. You may need to try a few different cannabinoid ratios and consumption methods to land on what works for you. The good news is, we can help. Reach out today to be connected to a practitioner to discuss using cannabis for headaches. What are you waiting for?


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