Microdosing Cannabis Stopped My Chronic Pain

My own experience with microdosing completely changed how I consume medical cannabis. After suffering...

Lifestyle Changes You Can Make to Prevent Migraines

Pamela Hadfield, the co-founder of HelloMD, suffered from “head-splitting” migraines that would leave...

Microdosing: A Better Way to Take Cannabis?

When you’re seeking the health benefits of THC, less just might be more. MIcrodosing – taking very small,...
research on microdosing

In dispensaries, I feel workers push the high mg products for relief. Is there research on microdosing?

HelloMD has an article on micro dosing..check it out https://www.hellomd.com/health-wellness/578da024fdc17e000700019d/microdosing-cannabis-stopped-my-chronic-pain! PiantaTinta

Microdosing: Kiva Confections Petra Mint Review

Microdosing is what some people consider the next wave of cannabis consumption and perhaps even the future...

The Top 5 Health Trends in Cannabis

The cannabis industry is always changing and at a rapid pace. Because HelloMD sits at the center of a...
What sort of experience is there with prostate cancer and microdosing

What sort of experience is there with prostate cancer and microdosing?

If you are asking if there is any evidence that micro dosing can “cure” prostate cancer I...

Microdosing: The Big New Trend

Microdosing Product Reviews I love to microdose cannabis! In a series of upcoming blog posts I will review...
How do the hmbdlt pens differ from others of the market

How do the hmbdlt pens differ from others of the market?

“I’m hearing a lot of buzz around these pens, but I’m not sure why…” Sean...
dry addiction pot leaf

What is the theory behind micro-dosing?

“I have heard budtenders in my dispensary talk about taking small amounts of edibles throughout...
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