can I get certified if I'm currently taking an opioid medication?

Taking opiates would not preclude you from obtaining a medical cannabis recommendation. In fact, cannabis should help pain patients reduce the dose of or even discontinue opiates altogether.
"Medical cannabis laws are associated with significant reductions in opioid prescribing in the Medicare Part D population. This finding was particularly strong in states that permit dispensaries, and for reductions in hydrocodone and morphine prescriptions."


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I agree with Dr. Kim that cannabis can be helpful in reducing the need for opioids in chronic pain. Many patients describe being able to reduce or discontinue opioids using medicinal cannabis. I want to point out that it’s a good idea to take care to avoid the unpleasant side effects sometimes seen when combining both medicines at higher doses, such as dizziness and nausea, by starting with small amounts of cannabis along with your regular pain medication. Also, you might begin with one half the usual dose of pain medicine to see how the combination affects you, since cannabis can potentiate the pain relieving effects of opioids and allow patients to experience pain reduction at a lower dose of opioid. So you can get a medical recommendation and give it a try yourself.


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