Can puppies eat these?

"I have a 11 week old labrador puppy. He can be pretty excited when we go to the park. Could I give him a biscuit to calm him a bit beforehand, or are these only for adult dogs? I don’t want to give him anything that might affect his mental/physical development."

Yes, you can give Treatibles to your puppy. Treatibles are a human grade super food so not only will they not affect your puppy’s mental/physical development, they may actually help to improve it!

In addition to our medical-grade hemp CBD, our chews include a bevy of whole super food ingredients including:

Coconut oil – antioxidant & great for coat and skin
Hempseed Oil – anti-inflammatory
Pumpkin – aids digestion & flavor animals love
Peanut butter – high protein
Turmeric and Cinnamon – anti-inflammatory
Blueberry – high in antioxidants & dogs love the taste

Please follow the recommended 1 mg. per 10 lbs. of weight guidelines. It is better to start out slow just to see how your pet responds.

I have given Treatibles to a four-month old puppy who could get very excited and I saw very favorable results, very quickly.

If you’d like to try out the product, please reach out to us for a free sample at info@treatibles.com or call us directly at (415) 579-2230.


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