Curious what HelloMD docs think about NFL and their dismissal of player's using marijuana for medical conditions?

"There is so much media on NFL and how they penalize players if they’re caught using weed. It seems they would rather have them addicted to opiates. What do you guys think about their stance? Also, there is all the talk about traumatic brain injury from repeated concussions and whether marijuana helps the players with that. I think NFL players are a national treasure and should be treated well and be allowed to use their weed if they want."

Frankly I think it’s ridiculous. More and more players are admitted to using cannabis to help with the pain and inflammation that their bodies take on the field. it seems that the NFL would rather have their players addicted to opioids then use cannabis. Since there is a possibility it can also help to decrease the chance of brain injury from concussions, it should be allowed. Here are some palyers who have spoken up.

Former NFL running back Ricky Williams says he believes marijuana has medical benefits and can help ease the physical pain that comes with playing the game of football. It seems they would rather have their players addicted to opioids.

Williams tested positive for marijuana multiple times during his NFL career. He said that the workload took a toll on his body, and seemed to indicate that the league did little to help him with that. So he admitted that he turned to marijuana.

Before that he said the doctors he would go to gave him prescriptions for narcotics and anti-inflammatories and tell him to "be tough".

Former Chicago Bears quarterback Jim McMahon reportedly called medical marijuana a “godsend,” and credited it with helping him kick an addiction to painkillers.

McMahon, 56, led the Bears to the Super Bowl XX crown in 1985, but he’s dealt with serious memory issues, headaches, and other issues since walking away from the game. In 2012, he was reportedly diagnosed with dementia.

McMahon applied for a medical marijuana card in Arizona and told the Chicago Tribune that he’s been using the drug since then and smokes three times a day.

“This medical marijuana has been a godsend. It relieves me of the pain — or thinking about it, anyway," he told the Tribune.

He believes the number of NFL players who use marijuana has grown significantly. He’s not alone.

Current players say marijuana use in the sport is extensive, with many using the drug to deal with the ramifications of head trauma. One player said in an interview he believes smoking marijuana helped prevent him from attempting suicide.

Animal studies have found that CBD has a neuroprotective effect on brain cells. When CBD was administered to pigs with brain injuries, CBD brought electrical activity close to normal levels and reduced amounts of stress on the brain. Mice who were administered CBD had fewer brain cells die from brain injury, when compared to mice that didn’t have CBD.

Wake up NFL!

Perry Solomon, MD

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