Do I need to titrate off flower as I switch to cannabis oil?

"I have been smoking the bud of the plant for symptom reduction, i.e., pain, anxiety and mood stabilization for the past two years. I just started using NY’s vape oil and CBD. I didn’t use any plant the first two days and felt sick. I then started using just a little bit of the flower and then finishing off with the vape and do not feel ill anymore. The plant also worked on my depression which was one of the reasons I used it. So far, the oil does nothing for any of my symptoms accept for the pain. I only purchased indica vape and want to know if I should purchase a hybrid or sativa for depression. Also, I was told that the vape oil would have relaxing effect however so far it does not put me in a relaxed state like the regular plant always did. Will it begin to work for me once my body once it is no longer used to using the bud and do I need to titrate down off of the bud slowly as I transfer to only legal marijuana oil in NY?"

Cannabis is rich in essential oils, known chemically as terpenes. These compounds are probably contributing an important part of the effects you have experienced with smoking the flower. The extraction processes used to make the vape oil often leave out some or all of these terpenes, almost exclusively concentrating on THC, CBD, and the other cannabinoids. I suggest the difference in your experience may have to do with this. Have you considered vaporizing flower?


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