Do you plan to create new products with a higher amount of THC?

"My medical condition requires that I control my weight, and I need a high dosage of THC to control muscles spasms. Edibles that deliver a large dose in a small portion are ideal for me. It would be lovely if you offered something like that."

Our newest chocolate bar is the CBD:THC bar in Dark Chocolate Ginger flavor: https://www.kivaconfections.com/products/bars/ginger
It is the most potent product that we make, with 120MG of both THC and 120MG of Cannabis-derived CBD (not Hemp oil like many competing edibles on the market), however since CBD has a less psychoactive effect than THC, our regular line of 180MG bars contain only THC, and might be more up your alley. THC is known to speed up ones metabolism, despite the increase in appetite that one has to combat while medicated. At this time, we do not have any stronger Kiva products in our plans, but rather are interested in raising awareness about micro-dosing and helping patients find relief with an incremental approach.


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