Energy vs sleep.

"All my life smoking has ALWAYS given me energy. No matter what I smoke. Never been a sit still and just be high. I now suffer from insomnia. What should I look for to help me sleep?"

Hi there,

If you are suffering from insomnia, my recommendation would be to look for cannabis products with that are indica dominant. Sativa dominant strains are known to be much more stimulating and cerebral, often giving people a level of energy. However indica dominant strains are much more sedating, making you feel medicated and they are great for alleviating sleeping problems, as well as pain and other symptoms. Some of the more potent indica dominant strains would be various Cookie crosses (GSC, Blue Cookies, GMO/Garlic Cookies, Tropicana Cookies, Cookies and Cream, White Tahoe Cookies), Sunset Sherbert, various Gelato phenotypes (#25, #33, #41/Bacio, #45, Mochi, Gello), various OG strains (Fire OG, SFV OG, Banana OG, Tahoe OG, etc.), Cherry Pie, Grandaddy Purple, Kush strains, etc. These are just some of my favorite indica dominant strains to use, but please note there are many more great indica strains out there.


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