Genetic Testing

"Is there a preferred lab to do the genetic testing?"

Speaking to the HelloMD staff, there doesn’t sound like there is a preferred lab to do genetic testing for flowers, etc. However, there is a fair amount of "cheating" going on. Here is a link to an NBC Bay Area investigative piece about a handful of named labs that have been identified as participating in fraudulent behavior (i.e. being asked to change lab results, etc) : https://www.nbcbayarea.com/news/local/Industry-Insiders-Warn-of-Fraud-at-Marijuana-Testing-Labs-458125743.html On the flip side, here’s an article from the Mercury News about more legitimate lab operations in the Bay Area: https://www.mercurynews.com/2015/02/28/marijuana-quality-testing-going-mainstream/ I hope you find this helpful


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