Glycerine Tinctures

"I was wondering if VG Cannabis tinctures can be vaped in a Mod Vape (ejuice) successfully? I bought some tincture from my dispensary and cant get the effects from ingesting it. Id rather not waste it. "

I would avoid vaping any tinctures that are not purified cannabis concentrates. Any added flavors, colors or chemicals may cause undetectable but cumulative lung irritation. In fact, recently it was revealed that certain additives in e-vape products can cause a condition called "pop-corn" lung.

I recommend you stick to using products as instructed. Most tinctures are made to be delivered under the tongue (sublingual), as edibles or applied to body parts. May tinctures or extracts are delivered in oils (other than just cannabis oil) or alcohols as a base and should not be vaped.

There are great, clean, concentrated cannabis oils on the market that are excellent choices for vaping. Ask your dispensary to show you choices.

You may also want to be sure the product you have has not broken down (exposure to light or heat) and that you are using the best recommended dosing either sublingually or orally to ensure you get the effect you desire. Try titration of the dose up ward over a few days and keep a journal to monitor the effects.
Cannabis products do have a shelf life.


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