How can I avoid the sleepiness associated with increasing my dose of CBD and THC?

"Hello, I am a cancer patient and started taking CBD/THC oil about 3 weeks ago. I am having a difficult time with increasing the dose. Every time I try to increase it, I get extremely sleepy and just have to lay down most of the day. Is there an easier way or are there other ways to increase the dosage without having to ruin my whole day? I don’t know if I’m just super sensitive to it."

Hello Warrior,
The two major drugs that the American Cancer Society refer to are: Dronabinol (Marinol®) and Nabilone (Cesamet®) which are THC dominant.THC and CBD work differently at different strengths. They also work differently when combined in various ratios. Ratios range widely from THC dominant to balanced CBD: THC to CBD dominant. Every body also reacts differently to all medications. Finding your optimal dose with an increase of the desired effects with a decrease of unwanted effects is possible. I would suggest to speak with your dispensary pharmacist to work on possibly increasing your THC concentration or about titrating your dose to the optimal level for you.


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