How do I get a medical marijuana recommendation in Arizona?

Here is the AZ Department of Health website, which has a lot of information about how the program works: https://www.azdhs.gov/licensing/medical-marijuana/index.php
After a google search, it does look as though there are a number of websites that can direct you to certifying physicians as well.


I cannot give you a recommendation for a doctor in Phoenix but a dispensary may be able to tell you a physician who can help you.
I am a physician with a long history of helping people utilize cannabis for their medical challenges.
The first issue is CBD’s take time to help and many people will take one or two doses or even a weeks worth and said it didn’t help but it may be that you are not absorbing the medication if you’re taking it orally. I usually encourage patients try vaporizing CBD’s to see that they do help because vaporizing is much faster, the medication is in your blood stream in approximately 1 to 2 minutes and you start feeling benefit in approximately 10 minutes. You did not mention what your problem is so I cannot address your specific issue with a treatment plan. CBD’s will help you but it is a matter of plugging them in at the right time in your treatment plan for optimal results. If you are utilizing Indica for sleep you can use CBDs during the day, like 18:1 CBD dominant vape pen because that will not have a psychoactive effect But if you are using Sativa during the day you should follow that, one hour before you want to go to sleep with high CBD, making a very powerful Indica inside your body facilitating restorative sleep and you will wake refreshed. In one month you will notice and improvement but in two months you likely will experience a significant improvement in your health.
Consider trying my suggestions and see that CBDs can help you.


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