How do I go about buying a vape pen and oil?

You are in luck as this is very easy to do! Almost every dispensary these days carries a variety of vape pens and oil cartridges. I am going to put some links below which I hope will help you:

Vaporizing or Vaping: What You Need to Know


It really depends on the effect you want. I almost always only smoke high CBD oil cartridges which are great for pain, relaxation and are only mildly psychoactive (for me). Vape oils can have moderate amounts of THC or very, very high amounts. You will need to determine if THC works for you.

I would suggest that you go low and slow and start with one puff and wait to see how you feel. After 5-10 minutes take another puff and so on.

My favorite CBD oil cartridge is by Bloom Farms and is Electra Tsu a 3:1 ratio of CBD to THC. You also want to look for a company that lab tests and extracts their oil from pesticide free, organic crops.

This post represents my opinion only. I hope this helps!


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