How many treats…per bag…per dog?

"I have two dogs. A 65 lb lab and a 120 lb Mastiff/Rottie mix. How many treats do I give each dog and how many treats are in each bag?"

Hi there!

There are approximately 15 treats in each bag. Each treat will contain 3mg of CBD. The suggested serving recommends one treat per 25 pounds of body weight once or increase as needed.

Because you have two large breed dogs, you many want to give your lab two treats, and your mastiff/rottie mix four treats (which will definitely make your lab pup jealous!)

However please note these are the serving suggestions from Holistic Hound. You are welcome to start with one treat and increase the quantity as needed for your pooches. Because these treats are hemp-derived, they are non-psychoactive so you don’t need to worry about giving them too much and making them uncomfortable.

I hope this information helps! ….And to your pups – woof! 🙂


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