How to ship to Europe?

"Living in Germany, suffering from liver-cancer, I would like to get cannabis-medicine shipped to Germany. But I did not find a caregiver. My son lives in Canada and could come to San Francisco, but he would not get the medicine, because he is no resident of California, right? Sop wouldn´t I? Has anybody an idea, how this could work? Thank you. Katja"

People do successfully come to California (or another state – like Colorado) and manage to find the medication they need. The rules followed differ from one vendor to another, and there are people that might be able to guide you that specialize in this type of ‘medical tourism.’

From our perspective at HelloMD, we can connect you with a doctor from your location in Germany who may be able to advise you on treating your condition with cannabis alternatives. Once this is done, you could choose where you would like to visit, and attain medication, or have your son in Canada assist. He also may be able to get medication for you in Canada.

Alternatively, if you do visit California we can connect you with a doctor upon your arrival. Again, dealing with retailers will be a process outside of our control, but people do have success with this type of endeavor.

So you have some options.


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