I am diagnosed with Adhesive Arrachnoiditis.

"From some research I found out that Epidural injections are the cause. I had an Epidural injection in 2008 and 2010. When I complained about the pain in my feet and legs it was always diagnosed as Neuropathy. Recently a spine surgeon gave the correct diagnosis. Adhesive Arrachnoiditis. Is there anyone who has the same condition and how do they cope with it? I am on Morphine and Norco. I like to wean myself off the medicine with the aid of marijuana. I bought some 25:1 CBD/THC drops. I like some suggestions on how to use them. Daily doses and frequency. Is there a more potent mixture available? Thank you."

I have a member of our collective that has Arrachnoiditis and from her feedback, the ONLY thing that has helped with her pain has been a Concentrated THC oil or RSO. 65-75% THC. She has not tried the Cannabidiol as she went directly to the RSO oil. A little goes a long way with that oil!! Maybe one of the doctors here at HelloMD can answer also….


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