I am have currently just weened myself off all opioid medications first time in 9 years.

"I am in Ohio and our program keeps getting pushed back. Now I can’t function. Migraines, vertigo and chronic leg pain have made me housebound while my doctors just bounce me around with different insurances declining alternative therapy’s. Any suggestions to help get me to October. It took me a year to to get off all my meds, don’t want to go backwards."

Congratualtions! There is a growing body of research supporting the medical use of cannabis as an adjunct or substitute for opioids. CBD is a relatively safe, non-impairing cannabinoid that has been shown to have many therapeutic effects, including the reduction of heroin-seeking behavior in mice, and positive effects on mental health conditions like anxiety, depression, psychosis and bi-polar disorder. Start with Hemp derived CBD, it’s legal to buy and can hold you off until the dispensaries open when you’ll then have more options.



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