I do not get the same relief from high, potent vape oil as I do off one hit of the bong. Why is this?

Thanks for asking this question! I’ve had the same question for a while and thanks to the Firefly AMA video I obtained some insight into the difference between vaping and smoking flower. During the process of converting flowers into oil, many active ingredients are lost. According to Sasha Robinson, flowers contain over 80 ingredients that interact with one another to provide the relief you describe. The oil in your vape pen contains only a few, and the ones that are missing might be the ones that benefit you the most. Personally, I wanted to switch to vaping from smoking flower because of the health consequences associated with inhaling smoke. I have found that vaping wax provides stronger relief than flowers and is a great alternative to a vape cartridge as I feel the wax has retained certain ingredients that are lost in the process of creating vape cartridges. Live Resin and Rosin are also forms of concentrates, like wax, however even more ingredients are retained in these forms and you may want to give them a try. Here is the video link that I am referring to from Firefly: https://youtu.be/Q2qgDb7oJGE


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