I have joint pain due to arthritis and request advice for pain management without getting high. Thank you.

Here are the products I most recommend to help address arthritic pain. The spray and the body lotion would not cause you to get high if used as directed.

The 2:1 spray only delivers 1.3mg of THC/spray, an amount the vast majority would not notice when using one spray. You can also use the 4:1 spray, which would deliver less THC/spray (0.65mg) – one or two sprays would not get you high.

I recommend the 2:1 spray . Each spray delivers 2.6mg of CBD and 1.3mg of THC. I recommend sprays because they are easier to use than are oils and tinctures. For most of my patients, I recommend one to two sprays as needed, as frequently as every hour.

Lord Jones 1:1 Pain and Wellness Formula Body Lotion. Apply to affected area as frequently as every two hours.

I recommend the 18:1 bar. Each 1/4 piece contains 20mg CBD and 1.1mg THC. Take 1/4 of the bar as frequently as every two hours.


I’m not doctor, but I do know that topicals do help alleviate the joint pain that comes with having arthritis. Here’s an article below that @eearlenbaugh wrote explaining what exactly a topical is, why patients use it, and even how to apply the topical. Use the link below to access that article:

@eearlenbaugh states that a popular use for the cannabis-infused topical is for arthritic joint pain and provides direct relief to the areas that it’s needed most.  “Arthritis patients who use cannabis-infused topicals regularly often report finding mild pain relief at first, but with regular use, their overall pain gradually reduces over time. If you suffer from arthritis, marijuana-infused topical may be a great option to try out.” As she stated, you will need to make sure that you continue to use the topical because you  may not feel the full effects at first. My suggestion is to apply it regularly, and over time, you will notice the pain will subside.


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