I have RA and started usin topicals for the first time. I would like to try vape but I'm not a smoker type.

"Is there a vape for new starters. What is the best way to go, vape or stay with topicals? Such a newbie need lots of guidance."

Hi! Sorry to hear about your condition. Many patients have reported using our Balance CBD vaporizer for rheumatoid arthritis. One wrote this in her blog:

I was told over a decade ago that both of my knees and both of my elbows had sustained such severe damage from rheumatoid arthritis that I already needed all four major joints replaced. Needless to say, I had little faith in the claims made on their lovely packaging to take the edge off of the kind of pain that I experience every day.
The combination of frankincense, ylang ylang, geranium, and tangerine offer a delicious overtone of calming effects. Did I feel pain relief, though? I can joyfully confirm that- YES- the CBD Balance holds potent enough CBD isolate to take the edge off of pain from inflammation from many sources!’
Our BALANCE can be purchased at EvoxeLabs.com/Balance


You are on the right track, starting with topicals. Indica varieties are good for treating pain. You have to start low and slow with Indica’s if you are new to vaping or smoking. I would recommend vaping at night at first, you will sleep like a baby. Then you will get a feel for how much to consume throughout the day. CBD vapes are good for inflammation and won’t give you the psychoactive effects that THC induces. We have a CBD vape right now called "Cashey’s Honey" It is a 1:1 ratio, meaning 1/2 CBD, 1/2 THC. I personally vape this strain throughout the day, and it helps me tremendously.


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