I need an oil the eliminates severe pain but has no "high" – I read about one in August that sounded great

"but had a very high "high" Any ideas?"

CBD oil is best for relief of pain without highs. However to find pure CBD oil you will have to try Hemp oil, Hemp is very low in THC and there for likelihood of any psychoactive effect is low.


I started vaping CBD oil that has NO THC at all. Keep in mind that the higher the milligrams, the stronger the medicine. Of course that also means it costs more. I use a vaping pen seen on www.eurekavapor.com with the cartridges from www.goodlifecbd.com. Depending on the laws where you live, you may not even need a prescription. I’m in California where it is legal so I am able to purchase mine online. I have been a chronic back pain sufferer since 1989. I am tapering off my opiods and the cbd helps with that too. I’ve not8ced that the more I vape, the better the pain relief, up to about 85% Keep in mind that vaping is not your only option. You could also take 2 gel capsules per day and be done. You can’t overdose on cbd, but some people do have reactions to it. Luckily I don’t. Just make sure that the oil you buy is 100% natural. I hope you try it and find some relief. Good luck.


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