I struggle with sleep apnea and have a history of anxiety.

"I have a CPAP machine prescribe by my Kaiser docs, but often wake up with it and can’t get back to sleep because it’s uncomfortable and my brain starts working in high gear. I had a medical marijuana card years ago for Social Anxiety Disorder and it helped greatly with the brain part, and I’m thinking I should get a recommendation again to see if this helps me sleep through the night. I’m often really drowsy at work as a result of waking and thinking. Advice? "

could be one of many things -including wrong size or mask,leaky house to big or to small of hose contributing to the proper air flow …also if you go to sleep with a dry throat and nose it can cause a skip in the air waking you up..you can also get nasel pillows to make it more comfortable…or if you have difficulty adjusting to forced air you use the ramp setting wich gradually gains pressure till you are asleep then it will stop at youre presribed pressure setting


I think you may be interested in a recent article that we just posted on sleep apnea research and cannabis. Here is the link:

Cannabis Shown to Reduce Sleep Apnea

I am not a doctor and this answer represents my opinion only. I hope this helps!


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