I was in terrible pain from a suspected AVM got the cbd vape oil, it worked wonders but now I can't sleep

"I have not used marijuana for recreational use for 30 some years. I have been in pain with AIDS, CFS for 30 years and now a possible AVM for the last three weeks-which included vertigo so out of control I could not walk. I live on Excedrin for pain, which is everyday. I normally live in Mexico and my friend got me some marijuana oil and if I took a tiny bit about the size of rice grain it would knock me out. When I was here last I got the low THC chocolate and I was tripping, not good. What can I take to sleep with the least amount of high? Is there a brand that is geared towards a happy high? I was so paranoid last time. I prefer something immediate like the vape because I don’t want to have surprises later.

River Huston

In your case I would highly recommend trying a pen vaporizer cartridges. I find them very effective and I always keep a 1:1 CBD THC strain by my bedside.

If I were you I would experiment a little with both THC and CBD strains to see what works best with you. Find an Indica strain that is well known for sleep (like Skywalker OG or Platinum Cookies) and see how that works for you. If you are looking for less of a high then a CBD strain may help you as well.

I have found two distinct differences for CBD vs THC for sleep (at least in my own case). If you have trouble falling asleep, then THC strains will sedate you and allow you to rest. If you have trouble winding down your mind, then CBD:THC strains will help you to relax allowing your mind reach a state where it can rest.


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