I've never heard of essential oils being blended with plant extract.Is there any adverse effects to vaping it?

The primary psychoactive elements in cannabis are cannabinoids (THC, CBD, THCa, etc.) and terpenes (Limonene, Myrcene, Pinene, etc.). While the cannabinoids provide the foundational experience, terpenes direct that experience, kind of like the steering wheel of a car. Terpenes exist in all organic matter, and essential oils are simply terpenes that have been derived from non-cannabis sources. By blending in selected terpenes (essential oils) with 70% THC oil, we are able to completely direct the psychoactive experience rather than relying on the imperfect strain system we have today. The amount of terpenes in our products is similar to terpene profiles naturally occurring in cannabis, we just have chosen the ones that create the experiences our products promise. So vaping our products is just as safe as vaping traditional cannabis extracts. That said, essential oils do have some contraindications with prescription medication, so we suggest patients check out our Product Safety information here: https://www.evoxelabs.com/product-safety/


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