Legal pot for recreation and effect on MM

"I reside in NY State. Marijuana for recreational use is on the verge of becoming legal in NY. WHEN (not IF) this occurs, will it then be necessary to obtain a MM card and be treated by a physician? How will legalizing for recreational use alter the availability of pot for medical use and professional treatment?"

Hello! When recreational marijuana becomes legal in NYS, it will still be necessary for patients treating their conditions with medical marijuana to be under the supervision of a Provider. Remember, THC/CBD is used differently for medicinal use versus recreational. With recreational marijuana- the focus is on high THC content products for the psycoactive effect with high milligram use. Whereas medicinal marijuana ranges from CBD dominant to THC dominant medications and usually at lower milligrams. Some conditions require high CBD with super low THC content such as epilepsy. Needless to say, recreational stores vs. medicinal dispensaries will carry different products depending on intended use. If recreational becomes legal in NYS, more land will be purchased by companies to grow and produce product. I don’t think it will affect medicinal marijuana availability.


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