pain from muscle spasms

"I have dystonia which causes muscles spasms and pain in the upper trapezius muscles when I’m active. The pain subsides when I’m sleeping or resting. I’ve tried Cheeba Chews 50mgCBD: 2THC divided in halves and Care by Design spray 18:1. They don’t seem to help.I don’t need to take anything at night, but how often should they be taken during the day? Should I try a different product? "

I would recommend massaging a high THC topical ointment/cream directly onto the dystonic muscles every few hours. I would also try increasing the THC in your edible and sublingual cannabis preparations. Also, when you take the sublingual spray make sure you are doing the following…. 1) Before applying the spray, remove excess saliva from your mouth. 2) Allow the preparation to remain under your tongue for as long as possible, in order to achieve sublingual/oral absorption.


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