Prop 64 is a bad deal and I am voting against it

"Californians should hold out for a better deal. The Cannabis industry will generate billions in tax revenue for California but Prop 64 is the wrong deal for California. It delegates billions of dollars to new obscure anti-cannabis law enforcement and drug programs and does nothing for actual needs like improving schools and highways.

California should hold out for a better deal before they legalize their extremely valuable Cannabis market.

I respectfully disagree. Prop 64 makes some important changes. It decriminalized cannabis possession by adults over 21 and changes it to a fine for adults between 18-21. It also changes other cannabis related charges from felonies to misdemeanors, including possession for sale, transportation, sales, etc. As the current system is sending too many people in the cannabis industry to jail and imprison, it is a vast improvement over the current system. While it isn’t perfect, no law ever is.


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