"I’ve been taking medical marijuana for one year, i.e. Tincture and Topical. I suffer from peripheral neuropathy in my feet, spinal stenosis and sciatica. Can you recommend a topical and also a tincture. I do not want to feel high. Thank you.


I would definitely recommend you give Sweet Releaf Extra Strength a try. We have direct patient feedback on it helping for all three, but of course how it will work for you depends on how bad your pain is on any of these three conditions. Neuropathy in the feet responds very well if applied at least once a day for a few weeks. We have one 94 year old patient who used it this way and was not only able to walk again after regularly needing a wheelchair. With continued daily application for several more weeks, he felt well enough to dance again! A patient with spinal stenosis found that it helped ease her pain for hours at a time which is a relief when you are in constant pain, but she had to apply it twice daily or whenever the pain returned. I have heard patients say it eased sciatica, but again it really depends on how intense your sciatica is. Definitely worth a try. You may be surprised. The 94 yr old patient mentioned was surprised to find that it also cured his toenail fungus!


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