Sleep Please – Long term insomnia help?

"Hello. This is my initial use of CBDs for sleep. Dr recommended a vap
and at least 8:1 ratio of CBD to THC. I have very severe insomnia. What products do you recommend. Is the pen itself seperate from the medication or are they sold together? "

Have you received any improvement with the 8:1 CBD/THC product? I assume you receive 2-3 hours of sleep and then wake again and have difficulty going back to sleep. The vaporized product is excellent and potent during waking hours, but its effects are much shorter than an ingested product. Speak to your provider about an edible at bedtime with a similar ratio and see if that offers significant improvement.

NP Joshua

Your 8:1 product may work for you but that would be if you were taking 1mg of THC but are you taking the correct dose? Please, be sure to read the label.
If you are using an oral spray, check to see how many sprays it will take to receive 1mg. If 1mg of THC is not enough, you may need to go to 2mg of THC and on up until you find your effective dose for sleep. It is the combination of CBD with THC that usually produces very effective sleep but the 8:1 is a very low dose and due to the CBDs it will also help with reducing inflammation. However, as the other advisers have suggested an edible is more likely to keep you asleep.


Hello there, Let me share a thing or two with you.

I’m going to answer this from my single-handed experience since I’ve been suffering from Insomnia and chronic backache for a long time.

CBD was suggested to me by a dear friend, I did a little bit research on it and here is what I have found:

CBD stands for Cannabidiol. It is derived from Hemp and Cannabis plant.

CBD does not get anyone high.

Recently I have started trying CBD-infused tea, which by the way works wonders for me.

I drink it an hour before going to bed and let me tell you it helps me sleep better and at a fast pace.


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