Stage 4 lung cancer

"My sister was recently diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. What cannabis protocol would you recommend? She’s only 59 years old and we’re all feeling very distraught over this situation. Thank you. "

Firstly, I want to offer let you the family & the patient best wishes during this difficult time. The recommendations depend on what issues the patient is dealing with. If the pt is undergoing chemo and the related nausea, I would try products that have a 50:50 ratio of CBD to THC and then try increasing either the CBD amount or the THC amount in a slow , controlled fashion. 25mg of either cannabinoid is a good place to start; the pt can always increase this amount slowly or decrease it. If the pt is having difficulty swallowing, keeping things down, they can try sub-lingual tincture drops or sprays. If the pt is able to keep food/ liquid down, using edibles may last longer and also allow the pt to sleep/ rest. I hope that these tips prove useful.


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