Still can`t sleep :(

"I used One drop of CBD-THC 1:1 before bed to help me sleep and an hour latter still couldn`t sleep so I took a second drop with no results . Awake most of the night .
This morning I ache all over , head aches & nausea ."

I am not sure what is causing your head-aches and nausea, but it does not sound like one drop of 1:1 CBD:THC is enough for you (depending of course on the consentration). Rather than drops, take a look at the label and figure out how many milligrams you are taking. Try 2.5 mg to start, and gradually increase from there. A typical dose for someone that has difficulty sleeping is likely to be in the 5 – 10 mg range. Different people have different tolerances so start low and go up slowly. Also make sure your formulation is from and indica and not a sativa as this could have the opposite effect.


Another thing to consider is that CBD sometimes keeps people awake. You may want a tincture specifically for sleep. I have used one by Alta California that I liked. Often it is the THC that helps people sleep, but at just the right amount. Too much might keep you up or make you drowsy the next day and too little may not put you to sleep. Remember too that CBD counteracts some of the effects of THC and as THC is more likely what may put you to sleep a 1:1 may not be the correct ratio for sleep. Last, the cannibinoid most in the spotlight for sleeping right now is CBN, so you may want to look for a sleep product that has some CBN. I hope this helps.


I agree with Mark and Pamela, you may be taking too small of a dose, but with the feedback I have had from my members, CBD in most cases do not help with sleep. Alot of CBD strains are sativa strains which can be alerting and stimulating. What I have seen to be the most beneficial is a High THC tincture which is a Indica strain. This is body relaxing and in low doses can be very helpful wih sleep. The great thing about tinctures is you can start off with a very low dose and slowly increase the drops until you get your desired result (deeper and longer sleep!) When the dose is kept low you can get the medicial effects without the uncomfortable "high" effects of the THC.


Hey there,

I suggest you should try CBD products with less THC content.

CBD is a big promoter of sleep and it has helped many insomniacs.

CBD is known for its relaxing and soothing effect on many mental ailments like insomnia, anxiety and depression.

I had a irregular sleeping cycle and CBD products with low THC content has helped me a lot.

I’m going to insert a link below that might help you with your problem.


Hope this was most helpful!


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