waking up throughout the night. can't find right combination. please help!

"For the past 9 months I’ve been making my own edibles but they varied so much and I didn’t know the strains I was getting. Some worked, some didn’t. Now I am buying products and in the first week I haven’t been sleeping at all in the transition. I wake up all night long. I tried 5mg hard candy edibles, and indica tincure and vaping indica. Vaping the indica was the worst! really wired me. When I tried vaping a sativa/indica blend it calmed me to get to sleep…but neither the edible nor the tincture worked to keep me asleep! I’m wondering if I’ve built up too much of a tolerance in the past 9 months and need a holiday. I’m scared I won’t sleep at all. Any advice regarding how to make this transition and products to try would be immensely appreciated! Thank you."

You are not alone unfortunately….Insomnia is the number one complaint besides Chronic Pain we get from our Patient/Members!

Well dosed Edibles can be extremely effective, but you rarely know whether the are Infused with Indica or Sativa, and as you know, it makes a difference! Since you are now buying products you might be interested in Dr Roberts baked goods. Always infused with Indica, Always Delicious, Always Lab-Tested Brownies, Cookies and even a Vegas Granola!

While there are no guarantees, we have been getting terrific feed back from our patients…if you live in California, you can find Dr. Roberts on our website under "Sweet Treats"

Good Luck & Sweet Dreams!


Hello there! In my experience w/ the patients I see through HelloMD, we’ve had alot of success in helping people sleep by adding small amounts of CBN along w/ THC; try this combo (in small amounts/ dosages) first with edibles as this should provide for longer duration sleep compared to using a vape-pen or tincture. What makes you feel you’ve developed a tolerance? I wouldn’t worry about this too much unless you actually notice having to purchase more cannabis products than in the past during a certain time duration to achieve the same results. If this is the case, taking a short breather from cannabis might be just what you need. Don’t forget to exercise daily as this helps sleep and also try mindfulness & meditation right before bedtime as this has helped many of my patients. Mindful.org has good mindfulness tips & SleepAssociation.org & SleepFoundation.org has good tips for sleep hygiene, prepping your head & sleep space for sleep. I hope all of this helps out, please write back and let us know!


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