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The anti-cancer potential of cannabis has been examined in numerous pre-clinical studies resulting in promising leads. Research has demonstrated that cannabinoids may slow, or even stop, the growth of some cancers—including breast, brain, liver, pheochromocytoma, melanoma, leukemia, and other cancers— from spreading or growing.

  • a 2010 study concluded that CBD inhibits cancer cell invasion, significantly inhibiting lung metastasis in CBD-treated mice
  • a 2012 study concluded that CBD inhibits the growth of tumors by preventing the formation of the blood vessels feeding it
  • and several others.

In a pilot phase 1 clinical study, 9 patients with actively-growing recurrent glioblastoma underwent intracranial (in the skull) THC administration. Although no statistically significant conclusions can be extracted from a cohort of only 9 patients, the results obtained in the study suggest that some patients responded—at least partially—to THC treatment in terms of a decreased tumor growth rate as evaluated by MRI.


Since studies suggest that CBD and THC have anti-tumor properties, I recommend that you consider incorporating both CBD and THC into your treatment regimen. However, please keep in mind that much more research is required before determining cannabis’ efficacy in treating cancers in human beings, under "normal" treatment conditions.

Products with higher concentrations of CBD vs THC, such as 20CBD:1THC, will lessen, or even eliminate psychoactive effects — which is a big reason for why they are so popular. However, you should consult with a physician who can guide you in choosing appropriate ratios, dosages and otherwise.

I recommend the the products offered by Care By Design: I like that they use the whole plant when making their products (rather than isolating only THC and CBD); offer a variety of ratios; offer all routes of administration (other than combustion); clearly label their products in mgs of THC and CBD per dose; and are relatively easy to find.

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