What do these Elixer's taste like?

"Do they taste like cannabis? Do you add them to a drink or just put them in your mouth? (I dislike the taste of cannabis)."

Great question. They don’t taste very much like cannabis, but rather a nice blend of various herbs. Each of them tastes different, but since they all have organic vegetable glycerin as the base, they’re pleasantly sweet with a nice mouthfeel (the opposite of what you’d taste with an alcohol or olive oil extraction). Full Moon and Lullaby use the most bitter herbs, which helps with the physiological response of helping the body to ground. Some people put a dropper in a glass of water, but I’m a big proponent of taking them straight on the tongue. Bliss and Rock & Roll are generally the best tasting, but we suggest buying the elixirs based on the effect you’re looking for.

We’ll be hosting a demo/tastings at Green Door and Sonoma Patient Collective this Friday, and we’ll have all the elixirs and topicals available to sample at our private Social Club in Napa Saturday the 23rd.


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