What is a doctors recommendation to remedy these conditions.

"first a background: Has been diagnosed for showing symptoms of psychosis/ neurosis. Has recently been showing change, but was also thought by roommates to be showing signs of post dramatic stress disorder. Has always had anxiety but no serious issues. And also has trouble falling asleep.
Basically wants to find an all around good strain for daytime use and nighttime use? What is the best way of administering the flowers? My son he just bought a vaporizer that is coming in the mail.


First, I would caution that High THC could present a problem by increasing the risk of psychosis but CBD cannabis is antipsychotic. How old is your son? Has he been using high dose THC? Whether THC causes psychosis remains controversial. CBD is more likely safer than THC in this situation but the medicine, like Cannatonic, AC/DC, or other cannabis that is approximately 30 to 1, CBD to THC ratio are likely to be the best varieties for most people wanting an antipsychotic treatment but at night a larger dose of CBD may be indicated or a 1:1 THC:CBD tincture may be very effective for sleep. There is no reason to smoke or vape CBD since it does not get a person high and it works well by MCT tincture.


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