What product would you recommend for muscle pain?

"Like a lot of people, I work at a computer all day and my trapezius muscles get really tender and painful. I also get pain in my wrists and hands from typing/mousing. I’m looking for something that wouldn’t make me high and impair my function. It would also need to be discrete for use at work. Anything fit the bill? Thanks!"

You likely will get great results with CBD cannabis in both an oral tincture and a topical CBD/THC salve. The topical salve is not absorbed systemically and it is not psychoactive. As long as you are doing a high CBD/ low THC tincture, preferably in MCT oil, twice daily, you should obtain great results but it could take up to three weeks to feel the full effect of the CBD tincture so don’t give up.
In addition, I highly recommend you take a yoga class because it’s likely your posture that is creating the problems. Lift your chest, push your breasts forward, shoulders back and lift from the crown of your head to take the strain off C5-C6 since the pain is likely originating in your neck from your posture. Please, be sure you take adequate amounts of vitamin D3 to support healthy bones but do not take calcium supplement, eat greens in your diet or blend them and drink them. Once you correct your posture for 10 minutes, you likely will receive immediate relief. Since it is not legal to drive a car under the influence, nor is it legal to go to work high, you should stick with the high CBD/low THC cannabis before work. It is legal to carry a high CBD/low THC tincture, above 8:1, CBD/THC with you but you must carry it in the back of the car like an open container of alcohol, and you must be very discreet about using it during daytime hours if you are at work. Some jobs you absolutely cannot even have it in your car, such as a teacher in California who submits to having their car search during work hours and could be terminated for having any cannabis with them. CBD will not make you high or impair your function.
Keep in mind that bones are growing tissue. If you chronically compress the bone on one side it will grow deformed and bulge the disc pressing on the neurological structures and creating more problems in the future. Now is the time to take preventive action. I have written several articles that involve the use of vitamin D for the bones and to stop pain so I would encourage you to look at other articles having to do with the spine or bone repair.
Good luck! You can be happy, healthy, productive and out of pain and taking action now will help to give you assurance of a long healthy life, pain free.


A great discreet topical is Sweet Releaf Extra Strength – it can be rubbed anywhere with pain for muscle relaxation and pain relief for sore wrists, etc. It is great for daytime use because it is not psychoactive – meaning you will not feel "high". It also has a mild, cannabis-free scent. Flour Child Relief Balm and Elevate Lotion Bars are also fantastic and discreet. At home before bed you may want to experiment with cannabis epsom salt baths to help your muscles fully relax before bed. After the bath you can also apply a cannabis topical and/or try an indica strain of flower to help you fully relax and sleep well – this is to be used at home before bed so your muscles can relax while you sleep, not during the day. Taking breaks to stretch during the day is also important, and checking that your posture at your computer is ergonomic – if the posture you have at your desk is not ergonomic, cannabis will provide relief, but the discomfort will not go away. A lot of people also find relief from using a foam roller to stretch the back, leg, and hip muscles – all of which are affected from long periods of sitting and can cause tightness to ripple up the body. This would be a great addition to a night time post bath/pre-bed ritual and again in the morning and there are many videos available online with foam rolling routines/techniques.


I second Sweet Releaf! It does wonders!!!
Another great topical is Absorb CBD! I used this product on a broken toe and a sewing accident that took a chunk out of my finger!


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