What strain should I use for a powerful high and pain relief?

Personally, I would not use one strain. I would use two. I would mix a high CBD strain with one of my favorite indica strains to make my own 1:1 mixture. I normally use concentrates, so mixing a CBD distillate with another oil is pretty simple. If you prefer flower, it is not so hard to do this either.

In my experience strain availability is not consistent enough to bank on one strain. I like to keep a spreadsheet of the strains that work for me. Then, when I go to the store, if my favorites aren’t there, I know I still can find something that will work with me medically until next time.


We carry two very potent strains of Indica that will give you the strong high and pain relief that you’re looking for: Key Lime Pie and Abbot Kinney OG. The Key Lime Pie is 31.2% THC and the Abbot Kinney OG is 25.2% THC but is much stronger than its THC makeup would have you believe. Additionally, since they’re both Indica strains they’ll give you greater pain relief than sativa strains.


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